Kaleji Tikkey


1) Goat's liver 1 no
2) Garlic 1 bundle
3) Salt to taste
4) Ginger 1 small bundle
5) Crushed red pepper as requird
6) Yoghurt 250 grams
1.First of all wash liver with clean water atleast three times then prepare pieces of it.
2.Crush garlic and giner and mix red pepper and salt in it then add this mixture into yoghurt and mix with motor untill all the ingredients becomes well mixed.
3.Apply this mixture on the liver's pieces like that it covers all the parts of that pieces and leave these pieces for several hours.
4.If these tikkays are required to eat at night then apply this mixture in the afternoon.
5.Some people do not apply this mixture and roast liver's pieces in sticks and eat but this can be unhealthy.
6.While this mixture is very healthy and digest quickly and prepare blood in human body.
7.After several hours of battering tie these pieces on sticks and prepare fire.
8.After few2 minutes of cooking they will be able to eat.
9.It is not only delicious but also prepares blood into body.


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