Bihari Tikkey

Bihari Tikkey


1) Meat half kg
2) Onion 125 grams
3) Yoghurt 250 grams
4) Tomato 250 grams
5) Crushed red pepper 1 small spoon
6) Onion 250 grams
7) Ghee 250 grams
8) Potato 250 grams
9) Ginger and garlic small amount
10) Turmeric 1 small spoon
1.Prepare slices of meat, grind all the spices and mix into yoghurt, apply this mixture on meat.
2.If meat is left for 1 hour in this condition then it will be able to cook quickly and tender quickly.
3.Now prepare the pices of potatoes.
4.And heat the ghee into a wide vessel or frying pan and place the slices of meat adjacent to one another.
5.Prepare the layer of potatoes over them.
6.Place onion over them and add the remaining ghee on them.
7.Add some amount of water in the manner that it will not disturb the layers of meat and potatoes. and cover the frying pan with any plate.
8.Place it in an oven, stove or on fire.
9.After sometime open the frying pan and check it.
10.If water dries but slices are not tender then add some more water untill the meat is tender.
11.Keep the flame low and cook for few minutes then draw them from flame. 


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