sweet & sour veg n ginger/ garlic salad


cauliflower one small flower
carrot 04
tomato 03
onion 02
green chili 02
green peas (one cup boiled)
lemon 02(juicy one)
black pepper + salt
fresh cream 04 (table spoon)
sugar 02 (table spoon)
ginger +garlic (nicely cut into small pieces n deeply browned in one spoon oil)
green corrigenda 01 small cup finally cut 
First of all wash all the vegetable with salt water n than peel off green peas n keep it for boiling but put little water to be absorb after boiling (i mean don't put so much water so you have to throw out)now cut vegetables into nice cubes.....in a bowl pour out fresh cream + pepper + salt + sugar n mix well n keep aside then add green peas n all other vegetables into this paste mix well n add lemon juice n take out in a salad dish n sprinkle fresh corrigenda n crispy garlic + ginger.your yummy salad is ready to eat.


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