Mughlai Tikkey


1) Meat with slice thickness of half finger 1 kg
2) Red pepper crushed 1 tola
3) Onion 250 grams
4) Salt to taste
5) Black cumin 6 mashay
6) Cloves 8 nos
7) Chironchi 6 mashay
8) Poppy seed 1 tola
9) Dry figs 50 grams
10) Coriander 1 tola
11) Ghee 50 grams
12) Yoghurt 250 grams
13) Black pepper 6 mashay
14) Large cardamon 2 nos
15) Ginger 1 small bundle
16) Roasted grams optimal amount
17) Salad and tomatoes as required

1.Thrash meat slices with stone on slab to make them more wide.
2.Tie the yoghurt into a fine cloth and hang it so that its whey will remove.
3.Mix fig, seasoning, chironchi, poppy seed, grams, red pepper,coriander and ghee and apply on meat and tie them on iron stick.
4.Now fire the coals when they becomes hot then place these sticks over them, meanwhile apply ghee with the help of cotton plugs.
5.When tikkay becomes red it means that fine pieces are reday.
6.Draw them from the fire.
7.Separate the stick and place into plate and with salad and tomato and onion enjoy with hot oily breads.

8.Its very healthy.


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